Get them in, get them booked

Four Week Intensive

Get more people to your website with the power of SEO and get them buying more with the power of sales psychology and conversion rate optimisation – IN JUST 4 WEEKS

“I wish I had someone with me when I built my website”


Frustrated your website isn’t getting enough sales?


Build it and they will come does NOT work for websites. 

So many of my clients think having a website means people will buy from it – sorry, but that ain’t the case.

A working website isn’t like social media – you don’t need to be on it constantly to make sales. 

But you do need to get the fundamentals of SEO and conversion rate optimisation in order to make sales. 

And that’s why I’ve created the Get them in, get them booked four-week intensive – so you can make more money from your website.

Get more people finding and buying from your website – in just four weeks

In just four weeks I’ll help you nail the fundamentals of SEO that will help you get found by your ideal clients.

But getting more clients to your website alone isn’t going to help you grow your business.

You need to make sure visitors to your website can quickly and easily do the thing you want them to do.

That’s why we also work to ensure your site is converting visitors into paying clients with sales psychology and conversion rate optimisation.

Get them in, get them booked – in four weeks

Each week includes:

✓ 90-minute 1:1 training session on Zoom

✓ Email, Voxer, and Loom support

✓ Worksheets and Google Docs

✓ Suitable for all website platforms


Business goals & strategy


Website review & audit


Google Analytics & Search Console


Ranking & competitor review


Intro to keyword research


Meta titles & descriptions


Hyperlinks & backlinks


Navigation & URL structure


Ideal homepage structure


How to write SEO friendly headings


Image size, files names & alt text


Capturing more email signups


Sales page structure


Blogging & SEO fundamentals


Copy that converts


Problem solving & troubleshooting

Only $995 for four weeks of learning and support

Hello, I’m Gilly

And I’m here to help you make more sales from your website

No-one knows your business like you. But sometimes we need a little help to take the passion we have in our hearts for creating or helping people and put it into a website that makes money!

That’s where I come in – to help guide you on your business journey and make your life easier.

I’m a self-confessed nerd who loves technology. I want to help you change your mindset about your own abilities to do ‘techie’ things because you got this!