Taking the stress out of building a website

Let me help you build the website you’ve always wanted – with the guidance and support you need.

Get more people to your website and get them buying more.

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You don’t need to do it alone

Just because you’re building your own website, doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone.

Learning the fundamentals will make you a stronger business owner – even if you choose to outsource these tasks in the future – because you know what you’re talking about.

Build your skills and knowledge in:

✅ Web design fundamentals

✅ Getting found on Google – SEO

✅ Improve your website sales and conversion

✅ Update & maintain your website


Choose your own adventure

Website Mini Audit

10-Minute Video Audit

Not sure how you can improve your website?

A website mini audit will help you identify the areas on your website you can improve and recommendations for some quick wins.

✔ 10-minute video review
✔ 3 – 5 recommendations
✔ Suggestions to improve sales 

1:1 Training & Support

90-Minute Zoom Sessions

Need help with your website but don’t know where to start?

Book a 1:1 strategy & training session and I can help you with the fundamentals of:

✔ Getting found on Google
✔ Improve your website conversion
✔ How to edit and update your website

Four Week Intensive – SEO & Conversion Optimisation

4 Week Sales Intensive

Also known as Get them in, get them booked!

Learn how to get more people to your website with SEO & how to convert them once they’re on your website

✔ Strategy and planning
✔ Edit and update as you learn
✔ Includes worksheets, Google docs & videos

Build Your Own Damn Website

Want to build your own damn website in only 6 weeks?

I’ve previously coached clients 1:1 how to build their own site, but now I’m turning it into a 6 week course.

You’ll learn how to create and edit your own website as well as master the basics of SEO, copywriting & conversion rate optimisation.

Sounds EXACTLY like what you’ve been looking for?

Join the waitlist and be one of the first people to know when I launch.

Hello, I’m Gilly

And I’m here to help you build your website!

No-one knows your business like you. But sometimes we need a little help to take the passion we have in our hearts for creating or helping people and put it into a website that makes money!

That’s where I come in – to help guide you on your business journey and make your life easier.

I’m a self-confessed nerd who loves technology. I want to help you change your mindset about your own abilities to do ‘techie’ things because you got this! 


Not sure how I could help you grow your business online?

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.

That’s why I offer free 15-minute discovery calls to help you choose the best way you can work with me.

I’ll listen to what your need for your business and let you know the most cost-effective way you can get there. 

Book your free call now and get started building the website your business deserves.